What is The Advertising Currency (TAC)

The Decentralization of Advertising

The Advertising Currency is an effort to eliminate corporate advertising corruption that currently exists in both online and offline advertising and marketing though an opensource distributed advertising Platform called OSMP, through blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and through corporate contractual advertising purchases to obtain mass advertising that will be redistributed to the public at large that may be utilized or resold to others.

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Required for funding more than $500 within an account. Users will not be allowed more than 1 account to bypass this limit!

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Make Payment

Simply login to your account and make a payment. Several currencies are accepted for purchasing TAC Tokens.

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Buy Advertsing

Use your TAC Tokens to buy various types of advertising within our platform. Advertising must be purchased exclusively with TAC Tokens.


Currency Calculator

The advertising currency has a value that is always equal to a combination of the 10 TAC Tokens combined value. You can find out the value of TAC or any of the take tokens by using the form below.

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Open Source Marketing Platform

OSMP is a free marketing platform created by combined efforts of ADSactly Hits and Marketers Cooperative.

OSMP has been released under the CDDL v1.0 software license.