TAC OSMP Social Network Terms of Service

Signing up and maintaining an account on this website will be regarded as acceptance of all Terms of Services. If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us.

This policy is effective as of 18 January 2019.

General Terms

The TAC OSMP Network (this website and its owners and employees) value your privacy above all else.

By signing up to the TAC Social Network you agree to allow certain information to be gathered about you.

The initial signup information gathered is used to provide basic authentication for access to your account.

Your signup details, as well as any other information or content provided by you which you have a legal right to share and which does not violate this websites code of conduct terms, is YOUR INFORMATION. There is an absolute guarantee that information gathered about you will never to be sold to any third party.

Any personal information that is prodived by you is used to enhnce and make a more pleasant experience for you while using the platform.

Removal of your account will remove all personal information from our servers, databases, and backup databases within 72 hours except information which relates to any purcahses you may have made that must be kept for bookkeeping and accounting purposes by US federal laws.

There is no ability to restore a deleted account from our system.


By creating and maintaining an account you agree that the TAC OSMP Network may display ads to you. You agree that any information you make publically available may also be used to target ads at you based on your account settings.

Our guarantee to you is that you have full control over what ads can be targetted to you by the personal information you make public. To exclude yourself from targetting, keep all personal information private which can be done through the settings of your account after joining.

Removal of public information will only exclude you from targetted advertising but will not exclude you from general untargetted advertising.

Each of our settings pages will tell you exactly what information may be used to target advertising to you with the ability to make said information private.

Your posts, images, videos or other shared content will not be used to target advertising to you or visitors of the site; however, it is possible that companies or individuals may mine that data with third party apps that we have no control over. We are not liable or responsonsible for such data mining.

Email Agreements

By signing up to TAC OSMP you are agreeing to receive emails from TAC OSMP Network.

It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that emails are deliverable.

It is the responsibility of each user to ensure their email address is always up to date.

Users may not maintain email addresses in their account that are no longer active, that report back as being undeliverable for any reason including but not limited to full inboxes, or that are considered bounced emails.

It is a violation of the TAC OSMP Network to use any sort of email filtering that would require TAC OSMP Network to click captchas to ensure email delivery, to click a button verifying we know the user who we are sending emails to, or to require any fee be paid including but not limited to cryptocurrency fees.

Violation of these email agreements may result in a termination of your user account and all data contained in your account including but not limited to a forfeit of any account funds, account earnings, and/or affiliate earnings.

Code of Conduct

By using the TAC OSMP Website you are agreeing to adhere to a specific code of conduct.

You agree that you will not use the TAC OSMP services to make personal identifying information available about any person other than yourself.

You will not use the TAC OSMP services to harass, defame, make libel statements about, threaten, abuse, bully or publish obsene content about others whether they do or do not use this service.

You agree you will not use the TAC OSMP services to make profiles or accounts impersonating any other person.

You agree you will not use the TAC OSMP services to publish or share publically or privately any content deemed illegal in the United States of America.

You agree you will not use the TAC OSMP services to publish or share pornography of any sort either privately or publically.

You agree you will not use the TAC OSMP services to violate the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or proprietary rights of any other party.

You agree you will not use the TAC OSMP services to share any pirated software, movies, videos, images, or any content that would violate copywrite laws, Intellectual Property laws, or Trademark laws as defined by the United States as well as the country you access this service from.

You agree you will not attempt to exploit, hack, crack, or perform any action that would harm the reputation of the TAC OSMP network, deny services to its members, or attempt to obtain any data from other users that they have not given you explicit permission to obtain.

You agree you will not use automation services to manage your TAC OSMP account, post to your TAC OSMP account, or gather data maintained by TAC OSMP services or its users unless such tools are made available by the TAC OSMP Network through public accouncements that will be clearly displayed on the front page of this website.

You agree you will not post or share links privately or publically to any websites that violate the TAC OSMP network Code of Contact.

You agree that you will not hold TAC OSMP network or any of its employees legally or personally accountable for user violations of the code of conduct and understand we cannot control the actions or content others share.

Violations of the code of conduct may result in a forfeight of privacy guarantees to work with legal authorities to identify users of legal violations, may result in loss of access to your account, may result in termination and deletion of your account and all data contained within it including but not limited to any account funds and holdings.


TAC OSMP attempts to provide the best service possible. We attempt to make clear guidelines that are easy to understand by all potential users.

TAC OSMP services, however, are provided "as is" and there are no guarantees that the services provided will always be safe, secure, error-free, or that they will function without disruption.

TAC OSMP network cannot control or direct what people do or say nor are we are responsible for their actions, conduct or any content they share.

If any portion of these Terms are found to be unenforceable, the remaining portion will remain in full force and effect.

If we fail to enforce any of these terms, conditions, or violations this shall not be considered a waiver of rights or obligations on the part of any user of our services.

Users of our services shall not transfer any of rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone else without express written consent of the TAC OSMP network.

Terms of Service Adjustments or Changes

Changes to the terms may happen periodically and notice of changes will be made on the front page of the OSMP TAC Website as well as through email communications.

Failure to receive notifications shall not negate any change of terms nor any users requirement to adhere to them, nor shall it negate any of TAC OSMP network responsibilities relating to such changes.