Q4 2018: Platform Launched Initial launch of the PHP Platform called OSMP-TAC will begin. Platform will be launched as both a social network and an advertising network.

Source code won't be released until bugs have been worked out and security problems have been solved.

Customers security is our utmost concern and top priority.
October Begin token sale through tactoken website and release private web wallets for storage of tokens.

Tokens will only be listed on the Waves DEX (decentralized exchange) at this time.

November We will be spending this month building up the social network members and advertising members.

Also there will be focus on getting new partnerships going and more places the tokens can be spent.
Bring on a team of security experts to examine code and find exploits as well as do any code changes to fix those exploits.

Launch Begin the launch of our source code.
Q1 2019: Token Sales and Platform Expansion Start heavily focusing on the sale of our tokens and getting advertisers interested in our platform as a means of obtaining sales and leads for their own projects and businesses.

Work on expanding the social platform features to create user groups and other social platform features.

January - March Traveling the USA to cryptocurrency events and meetings explaining the TAC project and its goals. Modifying the platform to add more features and ensure users are receiving the best experience.

Q2 2019: Advertising Expansion Continue to work on partnership and getting more sites accepting our tokens as forms of payment.

Begin Securing Contracts

Start seeking out mainstream advertising agencies to secure contacts for offline advertising in the industries of radio, television, magazines, and billboards.

April Platform will need slight modification to ensure the terms of each contract are built into the sales process to prevent people from buying and violating any terms of our contract negotiations.

Each contract we enter into will come with an allotment of ads for us to resell and/or offer to others to resell and rules of those contracts must be adhered to.
May - June Create plugins others can use to resell ads purchased from us on their own copies of the OSMP-Tac platform.

Plugins will be able to be installed on copies of the OSMP-Tac platform and configured to resell advertising purchased.
Q3 2019 A repeat of the things done in Quarter 1 of 2019 with focus on other types of offline ads.
Q4 2019
A repeat of the things done in Quarter 2 of 2019.
Q1 2020
Create a marketplace directory of websites using our application to offer advertising services and social services to users.

Begin development of our own blockchain for TAC.

January Create a marketplace where people can list their websites if they are using the OSMP-Tac platform. Each website will be manually reviewed before being added.

Create a team of secret shoppers that go through the websites and verify they are not running scams.
March - April Begin the work of cloning waves platform and customizing as a blockchain for our project.

This will take several months to complete. We will continue developing contracts and partners at the same time.
Q2 2020 - DEX Creation The cloning and modifying of the waves DEX to work specifically for TAC and the TAC Tokens. A Decentralized Exchange that people can swap between tokens as needed is an important part for the finishing touches of this project.

As in the case with every month this entire year we will also heavily be focusing on partnership growth and more advertising contracts.
Q3 2020 - Continued Development Carrying on ongoing development from Q1 and Q2 to get the TAC blackchain and Decentralized exchange ready for full launch.

Developement of a blockchain for such a large project and unique purpose will take a considerable amount time.

Please be patient through this process.
Q4 2020 - Moving Platforms Moving all of the tokens to our new platform and making all the needed switches in our platform to make the switch as seamless as possible.

Please be understanting through this process that features may become glitchy or stop working for periods of time.

Also be understanding that we may find ourselves behind schedule for various reasons which may delay things.
2021 - Forever Contracts