As is the case with any cryptocurrency the market will decide the actual value of the currency based on what people are willing to buy and sell the currency or token for. Our price set at $1 each is based on our project goals to be able to enter into advertising contracts with corporate level.

Since we have created TAC Tokens on the WAVES platform and because WAVES has a decentralized exchange, called a DEX, built into the platform our tokens will automatically be able to be traded on the Waves platform.

TAC Tokens will instantly be made available for trading on the Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange. It will also be available on the Coinpayments p2p exchange.

We are working on a partnership with coinpayments that will give us exclusive access to a stable p2p exchange. It will allow us to lock in the rates of our tokens at an exact value as we set. For people using this exchange it means they will always buy and sell our tokens at a flat rate of $1 per token.

Outside of these exchanges we have no plans to have the coins listed on any other exchanges and we expect that if we do list in the future it will not be on mainstream centralized exchanges, but rather strictly on p2p and decentralized exchanges.