There will be a total of 10 tokens created for launching the OSMP-TAC platform. Tokens will be created on the waves decentralized cryptocurrency platform but will be for sale through this website and through the coinpayments platform. Each token will have an initial value of $1 USD.

There will be a totall of 100 million of each of the 10 tokens created for a total of $1 billion USD worth of tokens to be distributed. Each token will relate to a specific area of marketing and will be used exclusely to buy and sell advertising within that given area.

1,000,000,000 tokens to be sold at a value of $1 each. Tokens will continue to sell until sold out with no expiration date and no burns.
Tac Tokens

The following is a list of all the TAC Tokens we are creating and what area of marketing each token will represent. One will be able to purchase tokens singly or as a group of 10 which when the time is correct will be the value of 1 single TAC coin.

  • OutTac - Outdoor TAC for billboard ads, public transportation ads, and similar out of home advertising.
  • RadTac - Radio TAC will include both online radio apps such as (perhaps) iheart radio or pandora, as well as offline radio stations.
  • tvTac - As its name would suggest tvTac would be the token that supports television advertising. This includes streaming tv but not youtube style video sites.
  • magTac - Magazine Advertising TAC will be used in both online distribution magazine services as well as print magazine advertising.
  • vidTac - Completely dedicated to online video advertising. This may be online webshow, a tutorial creation site, or anyone else making video's. It also may be through partnership with video hosting companies such as youtube or dailymotion.
  • socTac - Social Advertising TAC will be used inside the OSMP-TAC social platform for sidebar advertising and may in the future include such features as sponsored posts. This will also be used for the social exchange parts of the platform.
  • artTac - Article Exchange TAC will be used inside the OSMP-TAC social platform for article exchanges. This is a very unique method of advertising that helps get others to write articles about your content based on your criteria and post them at various sites online.
  • banTac - Banner TAC will be used inside the OSMP-TAC social platform for banner exchanges as well as displaying your banners directly inside the platform.
  • teTac - Traffic Exchange TAC will be used by traffic exchange both inside and outside of the OSMP-Tac platform. Traffic exchanges are a type of niche marketing mainly used by mlm advertisers where they agree to visit each others websites. Not always the greatest traffic but often times hidden gems can be found in these exchanges.
  • vmTac - Viral Mailer TAC will be used for the OSMP-TAC viral mailer, also known as a safelist. It will be used by viral mailers both inside and outside of the OSMP-TAC platform. A viral mailer is a website where users agree to receive mail from others and in exchange they can send mail to others. They generate a ton of mail usually but out mailer is entirely integrated and only sends out one single mail a day to users letting them know how many messages they have on the site.
Coin name Total Distribution Value Per Coin Total Value
outTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
radTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
tvTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
magTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
vidTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
socTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
artTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
banTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
teTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
vmTAC 100,000,000 $1 USD $100,000,000
TAC * 100,000,000 $10 USD $1,000,000,000
* TAC will not be released until our blockchain is finished only the tokens will. Please see timeline for details.