Contractual Advertising is a cornerstone of what we are doing with this project and where the largest bulk of our funds will be used. Our goal is to use the funds from the sale of our tokens to puchase advertising contracts with large corporate advertising agencies. Entering into multiple advertising contracts in the 7 and 8 digit figures will allow us to obtain a vast amount more in advertising rights than through standard purchases.

The way an advertising contract works is fairly simple. We contact major advertising corporations and explain to them that we are working on a project where we are looking to purchasing a contract of 5 million dollars or more. We set a time to go to their offices for a meeting. At the meeting we explain to them our project and negotiate to obtain a specific amount of ads.

Corporate contracts allow buying of ad space at such a massive reduction in price that each contract almost guarantee's an increase in value of its underlying currency.

After each contract is obtained, we will sit down with our accountant and go over the ads we received from the contract, and we will determined the actual retail value of those ads and adjust the price of the tokens based on the value of the advertising obtained with a 5% to 10% markdown on value allowing others to still buy and sell them on their own OSMP-TAC platforms.

After pricing has been determined we will add products to the store.